Difference between "Asta" and "Hasta" in Spanish


- In English: "horn, shaft, mast, flagpole.". Mast from which a flag is flown. Animal horn.

Example 1: (flagpole, mast)

La bandera está a media asta.

(The flag is at half mast.)

Example 2: (horn of an animal)

El hombre fue herido por el asta de un toro.

(The man was wounded by the horn of a bull.)


- In English "until, to". Preposition used to indicate: place, time limit.

Example 3:

Esperaré pacientemente hasta que termine la discusión.

(I will wait patiently until discussion finishes.)

Example 4:

Hasta el viernes no puedo ir a visitarte.

(I won't be able to visit you until Friday.)

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