Use of the Spanish Preposition "Desde"

- Followed by a noun, to indicate the place where an action originates. In English means: "from".

Example 1:

Mi madre me ha mandado una carta desde España.

(My mother sent me a letter from Spain.)

- Followed by a time, to indicate the moment when an action originates. In English means: "since".

Example 2:

La escuela está cerrada desde finales del año pasado.

(The school has been closed since late last year.)

- Expression: "Desde luego". It is used to indicate affirmation or understanding of something.
- In English: "Of course!, certainly!"

Example 3:

Desde luego que no me perderé el juego hoy.

(Of course I will not miss the game today.)

- Expression: "desde que".
- In English: "since, given that".

Example 4:

Desde que así sea aprobado por todos.

(Since it be approved by everyone.)

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