Difference between "Deshecho" and "Desecho" in Spanish


Irregular participle of "deshacer". In English it means: "undone, unmade, dissolved, melted".
"Deshecho" also means when someone is sad, worried or very tired.

Example (as participle):

Se ha deshecho el hielo de las montañas y el cauce del río es todavía mayor.

(It has melted the ice on the mountains and the the river-bed is even greater.)

Example (as adjective):

Están todos deshechos después de la larga caminada.

(Are all tired after the long walk.)


Waste or something that remains after a part is removed. In English it means: "waste, residue".


Esa fábrica genera muchos desechos que pueden ser reciclados.

(That factory produces a lot of waste that can be recycled.)


Debemos reusar algunos desechos para evitar daños al medio ambiente.

(We should reuse some of the waste to prevent damage to the environment.)

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