Difference between "Mediodía" and "Medio día" in Spanish


- "noon, midday" (The middle of the day.)
- It is also known in Spanish as: "doce de la mañana / doce del día / doce del mediodía".

Example 1:

El plazo termina al mediodía.

(The deadline ends at noon.)

Example 2:

El niño se despertó al mediodía.

(The boy woke up at noon.)

Medio día

- Half a day, period of twelve hours.
- It is formed by the words "medio" (adjective) and "día" (noun).

Example 3:

Hoy solo trabajamos medio día.

(We only work half a day today.)

Example 4:

Me llevó medio día para terminar el trabajo.

(It took me half a day to finish the work.)

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