How to use the Spanish word "Menudo"?

1. Thin, slight, small (person)

Example 1:

Miguel es un muchacho menudo.

(Miguel is a small guy.)

2. It is also used to refer to something trifling or insignificant.

Example 2:

Centrémonos en lo importante y dejemos lo menudo.

(Let's focus on the important stuff and let the insignificant stuff slide.)

3. In exclamatory sentences it emphasizes the noun that follows. "Great".

Example 3:

¡Menuda idea la que tuviste!

(What a great idea you had!)

4. "Offal" (edible internal parts of an animal, such as the heart, liver, and tongue).

Example 4:

Compraremos unos menudos para la cena.

(We'll buy offal for dinner.)

5. Expression: "A menudo". It refers to a place frequently visited.

Example 5:

Íbamos muy a menudo al parque cuando vivíamos en Madrid.

(We visited the park quite often when we lived in Madrid.)

6. Small change (money). (It is commonly used in some countries in Latin America).

Example 6:

Tengo algún menudo en el bolsillo.

(I have some change in my pocket.)

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