How to express possibility or probability in Spanish?

In Spanish there are many expressions that can be used to express probability or possibility. Keep reading to learn some of them.
a lo mejor maybe, perhaps
creo que I think (that)
es posible que it is possible that
es probable que it is probable (likely) that
me imagino que I imagine that, I take it that
puede que perhaps
quizá, quizás maybe, perhaps
seguramente probably
seguro que certainly, surely
supongo que I suppose that, I guess that
tal vez maybe, perhaps
1. A lo mejor.


A lo mejor voy a la fiesta esta noche.

(I might go to a party tonight.)

2. Creo que.


Creo que tendremos éxito con la nueva campaña publicitaria.

(I think that we will succeed with the new advertising campaign.)

3. Es posible que.


Es posible que él no se haya dado cuenta.

(It is possible that he didn't notice it.)

4. Es probable que.


Es probable que llueva esta tarde.

(It is likely to rain this afternoon.)

5. Me imagino que.


Me imagino que le gustará este libro.

(I suppose he will like this book.)

6. Puede que.


Puede que mañana todo se haya solucionado.

(Perhaps tomorrow everything will be settled.)

7. Quizá, Quizás.


Quizá hoy llegue un poco más tarde.

(Maybe today I'll come a little later.)

8. Seguramente.


No vino ayer a clases, así que seguramente está enferma.

(She did not come to school yesterday, so she is surely sick.)

9. Seguro que.


Seguro que no sabía lo que le esperaba.

(Certainly he didn't know what was expected of him.)

10. Supongo que.


Supongo que (él) sabe hablar bien el español.

(I suppose he can speak Spanish well.)

11. Tal vez.


Tal vez yo pueda ayudarte.

(Maybe I can help you.)

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