Difference between "Votar" and "Botar" in Spanish


- It comes from the word "voto" (in English: vote). Voting in an election. To have an opinion in a meeting.

Example 1:

Todos los parlamentares votaron a favor del nuevo decreto.

(All the parliamentarians voted in favor of the new decree.)


- To throw away something.

Example 2:

Juan bota la basura todos los días.

(Juan throws out the garbage every day.)

- To bounce (a ball).

Example 3:

El balón botó delante del portero.

(The ball bounced in front of the goalkeeper.)

- To launch (ship).

Example 4:

Botaron el barco recién construido.

(A newly built ship was launched.)

- To dismiss, to kick out.

Example 5:

Tuvo varios problemas y lo botaron del colegio.

(He had several problems and he was kicked out of the college.)

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To stand up, to dump
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