When to use the conjunctions "Y" or "E" in Spanish


- Copulative conjunction. In English: "and".
- It is used in place of "y" when it precedes a word that begins with "i-" or "hi-".
- Important: the conjuction "e" should not be used before the diphthong "hie-", example: "cobre y hierro".

Example 1:

Mis mejores amigos son Alberto, José e Ignacio.

(My best friends are Alberto, José and Ignacio.)

Example 2:

Necesitamos ahora aguja e hilo.

(We now need a needle and thread.)


- Copulative conjunction. In English: "and".
- It is used whenever the conditions for the conjunction "e" aren't met (read above).

Example 3:

Esa tienda vende productos argentinos y brasileños.

(This store sells Argentines and Brazilians products.)

Example 4:

Su padre es honesto y de buen corazón.

(His/Her father is honest and good-hearted.)

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