Family - Spanish Vocabulary

Family relationships are an important part of our lives, from birth of children, to weddings, to our old age.
The following Spanish-English word lists contain the names of family members.
abuela grandmother nieto grandson
abuelo grandfather niña girl
abuelos grandparents niño boy
ahijada goddaughter novia girlfriend
ahijado godson novio boyfriend
cuñada sister-in-law nuera daughter-in-law
cuñado brother-in-law padrastro stepfather
hermana sister padre father
hermano brother padres parents
hijastra stepdaughter padrino godfather
hijastro stepson prima cousin
hija daughter primo cousin
hijo son sobrina niece
madrastra stepmother sobrino nephew
madre mother suegra mother-in-law
marido, esposo husband suegro father-in-law
madrina godmother tía aunt
mujer, esposa wife tío uncle
nieta granddaughter yerno son-in-law
In Spanish the people usually have one name and two surnames: one from the father and one from the mother. Generally the first surname is from the father and the second is from the mother. Usually the family is called by the surnname's father.
Los Pérez no están en casa.
(The Perez's family are not at home.)
To talk about our family we may use the verb "tener" (to have) and the possessives.
Yo tengo un hermano.
(I have a brother.)

Mi hermana vive conmigo.
(My sister lives with me.)
Adjectives to describe our family:
familia grande big family
familia pequeña small family
familia unida united family
familia desunida divided family
familia modesta modest family
familia conservadora conservative family
familia liberal liberal family
familia fiestera fun-loving family
familia divertida fun family
familia problemática problematic family
In order to describe our family we may use the verb "ser" (to be) + adjective.
Mi familia es grande y muy divertida.
(My family is big and very funny.)

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To stand up, to dump
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