Flowers and their Meanings in Spanish

The following is a list of words related to flowers and their meanings in Spanish:
alhelí wallflower yellow color = fidelity in adversity
amapola poppy white color = fantasy, illusion
azucena white lily innocent heart
begonia begonia cordiality
campanilla campanula, bellflower hope
clavel carnation woman love
crisantemo chrysanthemum yellow color = love scorned
white color = sincerity
red color = I love you
dalia dahlia instability
girasol sunflower adoration
gladiolo gladiolus assignation
hortensia hydrangea whim, caprice
iris lily blue color = good news
white color = hope
jazmín jasmine white color = kindness
lirio lírio greetings
magnolia magnolia love for nature, sympathy
margarita daisy do you love me?
narciso narcissus selfishness
nenúfar water lily purity of heart
olivo olive peace
orquídea orchid beauty
ortiga nettle you are cruel
rosa rose love
yellow color = jealousy
white color = I'm worthy of you
white and red color = mixed feelings
tomillo thyme constancy
tulipán tulip yellow color = hopeless love
red color = declaration of love
violeta violet blue color = confident

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Dejar plantado (a alguien)
To stand up, to dump
Meaning: do not go on a date with someone.