Kitchen - Spanish Vocabulary

The following is a list of names of items commonly found in the kitchen in Spanish.
abrelatas can opener espumadera skimmer
armario cupboard fregadero kitchen sink
batidora mixer horno oven
botella bottle lavavajillas dishwasher
cacerola saucepan lejía bleach
cafetera coffee maker mesa table
campana extractor hood horno de microondas microwave
fogón cooker, stove nevera refrigerator
colador sieve plato dish
copa glass rallador grater
cubiertos cutlery sacacorchos corkscrew
cuchara spoon sartén frying pan
cucharón ladle servilleta napkin
cuchillo knife taza cup
detergente laundry detergent tenedor fork
detergente líquido dish detergent tostadora toaster
embudo funnel trapo, paño rag
escoba broom vaso glass

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Dejar plantado (a alguien)
To stand up, to dump
Meaning: do not go on a date with someone.